Philosophical and Mathematical Implications of Quantum Infodynamics

General discussion of Quantum Infodynamics and its Applications
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Philosophical and Mathematical Implications of Quantum Infodynamics

Post by tigran » 17 Jan 2017, 09:39

I had many conversations with people asking about the key concepts of Quantum Infodynamics and noticed that there is one particular thing that is far from obvious that has to be explained patiently every time. So, I decided to raise it as a topic for discussion here.

People ask: "so, when can we expect to build a material device (emphasis is mine) that will extract energy from space?" and my answer "NEVER!" they find perplexing and start wondering "what is the catch?" and "what is the point of this science then?" Well, the purpose of this post is to answer these questions as clearly as I can.

The mathematical side of Quantum Infodynamics is impeccable (and I dare anyone to challenge this confident statement) --- the theory provides a dynamical framework for predicting the time evolution of a system of any level of complexity (from ultimatonic level up through atoms and molecules and on to galaxy or even the whole master universe level) and the predictions made so far by means of computer simulations suggest that the process of interaction of matter-energy-information with the space surrounding (and permeating from within) these objects can cause the latter to change their behaviour in a peculiar way, e.g. to change their locally measured value of energy or/and momentum.

So, where is the "catch" then? Why can't we just do it using some material man-made machinery? To understand the reason we need to examine carefully the dynamics of time evolution of our systems or, as mathematicians would call it, the exact statement of the Cauchy problem. What this means is: we must specify the initial state of the system at some moment of time and only then we can ask for the state at some subsequent moment of time. Clearly, the theory demands the initial state in order to predict the final state unambiguously. But what exactly is this "initial state" in Quantum Infodynamics? It is the information field W(x,p) defined on the phase space, i.e. the initial distribution of information about the possible values of coordinate x and momentum p of the system. How can we specify it? How can we prepare the system with the given information field associated with it? Generally speaking, we cannot, because we don't know how to control information fields (we can only measure our own ignorance or the lack of information) and my thesis is that it is impossible to do so by means of purely material instruments, because material instruments themselves have their own information fields which will inevitably disturb any attempt to prepare an exact specified "initial information field". Only in the classical limit of macroscopic bodies (for which the information field is highly localised or "spiky") we can control it easily without disturbing in the process. But in such macroscopic limit the interesting effects of energy extraction from space, alas, vanish.

So, what do we do then? Is the theory just a useless toy, a kind of recreation for the mind alone? Stop, we've just said the magic word --- "mind" --- and that is in fact the solution we are seeking. We cannot hope to ever prepare the system's initial information field "by hands", but we can probably do so "by mind", or, more precisely, by the supermaterial endowment of our minds. But the vibrations of our minds must be sufficiently high and strong to control or "materialise" the information field corresponding, say, to an atom or even individual ultimaton. One could say "only God could do it" and he will probably be right, but it is also right that any mortal can become such "god" if his mind, his true heart, is aligned perfectly with the will of God. Alternatively, this may imply a friendly cooperation with the loyal beings who have such endowment inherently, just as the transport seraphim provide services involving travelling with the speeds greater than the speed of light, but the mathematical understanding of how such fast motion is possible is not a secret and is accessible to beings of all orders, high and low (even a mortal can possess such understanding, but the actual "implementation" would involve knowing the secrets of Seraphington which are forever off limits for any mortal).

And this is exactly what makes it possible to identify Quantum Infodynamics with "the Holy Grail which only the brave knight of a pure heart" can behold or even handle. Yes, this is the kind of energy that cannot be used for evil but only for good and that is why I had the courage (encouraged by Michael of Nebadon through his Spirit of Truth) to publish the results openly, i.e. without fear that this work can be used for evil.

In a practical sense, what all this means is that the actual implementation of the extraction of energy from space may well be the purview of life on an evolutionary world in the later stages of light and life, peopled by the mortals with minds capable of satisfying the "Cauchy problem" requirements of Quantum Infodynamics. But if so, then what is the purpose of this work today and how is it relevant? I believe the relevance comes from understanding the philosophical implication of this work, namely: THIS IS THE END OF MATERIALISTIC SCIENCE. In vain do the secret laboratories in Princeton, NJ and in certain places here in the UK attempt to solve this problem to the satisfaction of a materialist --- they will fail and it is to comprehend the fundamental reason why they must fail that a mind of mortal was permitted to penetrate so deep into the reality of interaction of matter-energy, information and the real space.

Jim George
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Re: Philosophical and Mathematical Implications of Quantum Infodynamics

Post by Jim George » 22 Jan 2017, 19:34


My wife and I had dinner with a friend last night and in the course of our visiting I found the opportunity to explain your concept to a total stranger in the fields of physics, mathematics and spirituality. I explained Quantum Infodynamics as follows. I told him that a friend of mine has developed an explanation of the borderland of our physical ability to comprehend reality. He calls it Quantum Infodynamics. His discovery is that the “spooky action at a distance” Einstein referred to and the basis of Schroedinger’s postulate as he described in his cat metaphor were in fact the earliest signs of the identification of the information field that energy carries with it in all its forms, matter or otherwise. I remarked that this information when analyzed at the quantum level is the “mind of God” in all its forms relative to physical reality. I further pointed out that our ability to perceive and understand this is predicated on spiritual recognition on our part since the source of this information is of spiritual origin. Therefore only those who have practiced the intense recognition of spiritual reality are able to recognize this and in that the safety of the information and its uses are protected.

His reaction was interesting. He had no idea what I was talking about intellectually but he was significantly moved by the feeling he had experienced by listening to it. As if the information’s value was perceivable while his mind could not draw a conclusive explanation of what I said.
This brought to mind a concept that I have dealt with for years but have not known how to explain. I shall try here. Revelation is a word that describes both the information intended to be presented as well as the source perspective of that information from a sentient being on one level or in one dimension and the perception and comprehension of that information by another sentient being on another level or dimension. The object of living for all sentient beings is to learn to identify with the level of reality being experienced as well as the next level or dimension of reality. We do that by adopting the perspective of the source of our perceivable revelations. In other words, we deal with both the “now and future” reality we are able to perceive. Whether it is in a form of reality we are accustomed to or dealing with, as in a book or a person like Jesus, or it is intuitive, insightful and personal or all the above, it is our willingness to perceive and adopt this reality by faith that propels our quest. The information perceived is not the propellant; it is our will to perceive that is.

So how does this relate to your post and postulate? Let me explain if I can. Your mathematical explanation is substance to your theory. It is a proof text that your theory contains reality. What exactly that reality is may be another question but it identifies reality itself. Much as my friend knew nothing of what I explained but experienced the sense of its value, you have created a paradigm realization potential available to any who “has eyes to see and ears to hear”. You have opened a window into the next dimension, a window that is materially based while being spiritually directed. So, for the first time in my consciousness, the connection between material understanding and spiritual comprehension is equated to science. The future is in our perception. While you have done this in math and intellect, the pattern is precise in that it is virtually synonymous with the explanation of spiritual rebirth. Connecting the comprehension of reality of our present age to the reality of our future age as presented in the Urantia Book is by this same process of faith experience.

This is also the “severe test” Jesus spoke of in Paper 140:1.4 “But for you, my children, and for all others who would follow you into this kingdom, there is set a severe test. Faith alone will pass you through its portals, but you must bring forth the fruits of my Father’s spirit if you would continue to ascend in the progressive life of the divine fellowship.” It is the willingness to be transformed. It is what I call “willing to be changed against our will” wherein our will must surrender to the greater reality. The majesty of this realization is in personal experience and personal experience alone. It is by this method that the world will be changed and as stated in 94:12.7 “All Urantia is waiting for the proclamation of the ennobling message of Michael, unencumbered by the accumulated doctrines and dogmas of nineteen centuries of contact with the religions of evolutionary origin. The hour is striking for presenting to Buddhism, to Christianity, to Hinduism, even to the peoples of all faiths, not the gospel about Jesus, but the living, spiritual reality of the gospel of Jesus.”

The knowledge of these things is only step one. Most of us will not comprehend the mathematics you present. But we can, if we will allow our spirit to bear witness to the truth in what you have presented. And for the planet, the discovery of the first of what will be many connections between our perceptions of material reality with spiritual reality as presented in the Fifth Epochal Revelation is manifest. To me this is astounding and amazing.


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